Here are some helpful tips to get the most out of your colour service

Bring a picture. You know what they say–a picture speaks a thousand words.  Many stylists prefer that the client does not bring a picture because of the unrealistic expectations that it gives. Sometimes a client is limited because of their natural colour, condition of the hair, previous colour in the hair, texture differences, etc.  Colour is not magical, although it looks that way in magazines. However, if you are aware of the limitations of your hair and use the photo only as a guideline, a picture can eliminate communication errors and allows us to understand what it is that you want to achieve. If you ask for copper, for example, you and your stylist may each have a different concept of what copper looks like. It’s too vague. The same goes for more artistic hair colouring terms such as “hair blocking” or “peekaboo highlights”. These are terms created by other stylists and they may mean something different to the next stylist (or nothing at all), depending on how popular that term has gotten in the hair industry. Sometimes the best thing to do is bring in a picture of what you want or look through some hair magazines at the salon. Make sure you and your stylist are on the same “page”. You also have to be prepared to have the stylist tell you that your hair may not turn out like the photo, and be open to options to get you closer to what you want.
Work within your budget. Sometimes what you want to achieve will cost more than you’re willing to spend. Maybe you had previous dark colour in your hair and the blonde that you want will be more complicated to achieve because of the processes needed to get you there. Now you’re getting into colour correction work.  If your natural hair is extremely thick, or extremely dark or both, then what you want might not be a simple procedure. You do have options and your stylist will work within your budget to come up with an affordable solution. That might mean you have to get there more slowly, in more than one appointment. Or maybe you choose a different colour which is more practical and achievable in one appointment. This can also be good for the condition of your hair. You have to remember as well that more complicated colours or colours that are drastically different than your natural tone will be a lot more maintenance. That has to be considered as well.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you’re not clear on something, always ask more questions until you are. We want to make sure we understand exactly what you want and what your expectations are, so we would rather spend a bit more time on the consultation than to have you uncomfortable and nervous! Sometimes it’s better to make an appointment just to have a consultation–complimentary of course–, and then when you’re comfortable you can make a separate appointment to have the service done.
You can be sure that you are getting top colourists at Attractions  and that we will do everything we can to understand your needs, concerns and expectations. We have some of  the best trained colourists in the city who are up to date on the most current trends and methods and always strive for perfection. We are passionate about our work, and passionate about our customer service….a good recipe for great results!

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